NHL must come to its senses regarding concussions

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October 22, 2011
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January 23, 2012

By any measure on the ice, the NHL cheap rams jerseys right now is, to use Charlie Sheen term “winning!”

And yet years from now, I wonder if we won look back and remember this week not for the winning hockey on the ice but rather the two big losses hockey took in courtrooms north and south of the border that have the potential to reshape the entire game in years to come. Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson threw out a scurrilous motion from the NHL that would have forced Boston University researchers to turn over to the league almost all their groundbreaking work into chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

TSN Rick Westhead, who is making a full time living wholesale vikings jerseys these days just following all the court cases the NHL presently finds itself mired in, reported Nelson ruled the NHL motion would have been so onerous and time consuming for the researchers to comply with that it would have effectively brought to a halt the university pioneering research into the subject.

All of which, of course, was exactly what the NHL was hoping would happen all along when its lawyers filed the motion as part of its defence against a proposed class action lawsuit that has been filed in Minneapolis by more than 100 former players who allege the league knowingly put them in danger of CTE for decades in the service of profits.

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Rather than reach a comprehensive settlement with its suffering alumni as the NFL has done the NHL has responded to the players lawsuit with a scorched earth approach that refuses to even acknowledge the link between CTE and concussions, while at the same time attempting to put a chill into further research into the subject.

Mercifully, Nelson saw the league cynical motion for exactly what it was. “In balancing need versus burden, the tremendous burden to non party BU outweighs the NHL need for the requested information,” wrote Nelson.

Nelson noted BU researchers estimated that to comply with the NHL motion, it would have taken over 13 years for the university to collate the 68,000,000 autopsy photos and slides the school has compiled as part of its research into the donated brains of over 400 former athletes.

Think about that for a moment: a league that publicly maintains player safety generally and reducing the number of concussions in particular is its highest priority right now had essentially asked a court to help them shut down research into the subject for 13 years.

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That a new low, even for Gary Bettman. courts, even as the NHL continues to bury its head in the sand and make like climate change deniers with delusional talk about how the science is still “unsettled.”

The only thing unsettled is this historic lawsuit, which includes former Winnipeg Jets great Dave Christian as a signatory. And the only question still unanswered is whether the NHL will finally come to its senses and voluntarily reach a settlement, or will they have to be dragged into one by the courts kicking and screaming.

The right approach, of course, is the former one: a cash settlement with affected former players that would allow the guys who got hurt to get some help, while simultaneously allowing the NHL to get some cost certainty and defuse what is a ticking time bomb.

It the right thing to do for the players and it be the right thing to do for the league.

Ask yourself this: if wholesale buccaneers jerseys arguing the link between concussions and CTE was a winning legal strategy, don you think the NFL would have tried it before agreeing to a billion dollar settlement with its players last year?

Gary Bettman is smarter than Roger Goodell, said nobody ever.

And then, even as the NHL was still digesting Nelson ruling, came another legal blow on Thursday when an Ontario Superior Court judge certified a class action lawsuit against the Ontario Hockey League that had been filed by former players alleging they been basically treated like slave labour during their playing days and seeking $180 million in back wages, overtime and vacation pay.

The ruling is the first of its kind and potentially monumental, with similar proposed class action lawsuits also waiting certification against the Western Hockey League and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

While none of this litigation affects the NHL directly, make no mistake: a court ruling Wholesale Hockey Jerseys | Cheap Jerseys Authentic Quality Supply that junior teams in this country have to pay their players for services rendered would fundamentally reshape a league that is still the principal feeder system for the NHL.

Consider: Of the 211 players taken at last year NHL d

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